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Company Overview

Lytes Driving Instructor Training are a family run business offering driving instructor training courses in the Midlands area.

We specialise in training members of the public to qualify as driving instructors, and more importantly, show them how to become successful after qualification.

Our objective is to provide the very highest quality driving instructor training and the most comprehensive courses available.

We are customer focused and use the best training materials available.

Upon qualification you are welcome to join Lytes Driving School and kick start your new career with one of the most innovative driving schools around.

Become A Driving Instructor

Become a driving instructor and benefit from one of the most flexible and rewarding careers around.

  • Choose the hours you work to fit in with your social and family life.
  • Train whilst still working in your current job or more intensively if you like.
  • Take the most comprehensive course in the area.
  • Take holidays when you choose.
  • Full support when qualified.

Franchise Opportunities For Qualified ADIs

Join one of the most innovative and ambitious family run driving schools in the area.

  • Non-Contract Franchise with Lytes Driving School.
  • Robust and proven marketing strategy.
  • Prepaid lessons with zero tolerance on cancellations.
  • Franchise free weeks.
  • Ongoing support and personal development.
  • Standards check preparation.
  • Full diary.

Standards Check Training

When a standards check is due, an ADI would be well advised to undertake some training to ensure they understand the new process and how the marking system works. This will enable an ADI to prepare for the check, achieve a higher grade and improve your service to your customers.

The standards check consists of three key areas: Lesson Planning: Risk Management: Teaching & Learning Strategies.

Under these three headings are 17 separate competencies which are addressed. These may include some terms which some ADIs may not be familiar with. These terms and competencies would be explained which can then be incorporated into driving lessons.

A top score of 3 in each of the competencies would result in a maximum score of 51 (a score of 30 would result in failure). Achieving a score of 2 in each category would result in a score of 34 which is only 3 marks above a pass.

Standards Check training will always be conducted in the strictest confidence and are usually on a one-to-one basis.

If you have a Standards Check due or wish to refresh your skills please contact us with your details and I will call to discuss your requirements.


Thank you Dave for your valuable help in preparation for my standards test, achieving an A was brilliant and incredibly rewarding as I love my job and have done for the last 15 years.

Amanda Willson
June 1, 2018

Constructive, methodical, informative, very clear, patient and very helpful, and of course professional.

Mohamed Bardouz
July 7, 2017

I found Dave’s teaching methods to be very effective. He is both patient and understanding with the learning process. However, very professional and pushes the when the opportunity is there.

Alastaire Cooke
July 7, 2017

I found Dave really easy to work with. He helped me work on all the techniques and didn’t rush me.

Emma Dawson
July 7, 2017

Everything was explained nicely and he made the process easy and comfortable for me.

Charlotte Handley
July 7, 2017
Adina Patascu
July 7, 2017

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