Spot On Driving School

Spot On Driving is a successful family business based in North Dorset. It is owned and run by myself,
Ann-Marie Winterburn with the help of my husband Eddie.

We are dedicated to teaching learner drivers to drive to a very high standard to enable them to pass their driving test and have the skills to become confident and safe drivers for life. Driving lessons are always tailored to individual pupils needs.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and local reputation, as well as a fantastic pass rate.

Due to the success of the driving school we are offering Instructor Training and hope to build a small team of Spot On instructors.

Once qualified you have the opportunity to franchise with Spot On, or to become an independent instructor. The choice would be entirely yours.

In addition to teaching learner drivers, we also offer Instructor Training and we’re looking for enthusiastic people who would like a train with us.

The course we provide is of very high standard. All training will be taken with myself, Ann-Marie, and the 70-hour course includes tuition during the Part 1 (Theory and Hazard Perception), Part 2 (Driving Ability) and Part 3 (Teaching Ability) of your training. All training is one-to-one unless you specifically prefer otherwise.

The course will be structured to provide you with the help you need to give you the very best preparation for your tests and your future career as a Driving Instructor.

We are currently looking for instructors to join our successful Driving School.

What our franchise offers:

  • On-going support and advice via our Facebook Page, telephone or face-to face meetings
  • Choose your own working hours
  • We have a strict 48 hour lesson cancellation policy to help avoid loss of earnings
  • Regular meetings to keep you up to date
  • Regular CPD training meetings
  • Standards Check Training
  • You provide your own vehicle but Spot On will provide the headboard and livery for your car
  • We offer free eLearning for Spot On pupils through the Spot On website
  • We offer pupils free Theory and Hazard Perception Training through Theory Test Pro
  • We offer a facility for pupils to make card payments through the Spot On website
  • Franchise-free weeks
  • We have an amazing website which generates a very good supply of pupils
  • Free personalised stationary

Please contact us now if you would like to be part of the Spot On team.

Spot On Instructor Training offers Standards Check training for ADIs. We will either sit in on a lesson that you deliver, or we can use a role play situation.
Following this we’ll give you comprehensive feedback relating to all of the 17 competencies that you’ll be marked on during the Standards Check, to help you to pass the test and aim to achieve the highest grade. Further sessions with the Spot On Instructor Trainer will support you and enable you to assess your development on the lead up to your test date.

  • Gillingham, Dorset
  • Blandford Forum
  • Sherborne
  • Salisbury
  • Warminster

I’ve just passed my Part 3 test at Yeovil TC. I’m more than happy with the training I’ve received from Spot On Instructor Training. I’m really looking forwards to continuing to develop as an ADI.

I’d highly recommend Spot On Instructor Training. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • All the training and advice from Ann-Marie has been thorough, right from Part 1 onwards
  • Part 1 was good practical advice on what was needed to be covered and exam technique for theory and hazard perception.
  • I was enrolled on Instructor Theory Test Pro at no extra cost- great practice with all the questions on it
  • The help and instruction was excellent for the Part 2 (Practical driving test) as the test requires you to drive to a very good standard. Good lessons with Ann-Marie who knows how to teach the practical skills you need
  • The sessions in Chippenham were very helpful
  • I found the Part 3 (Teaching) to be comprehensive with my trainer having a really good knowledge, attitude and practical skills to explain to me how to teach.
  • Ann-Marie was very patient and understanding while I learnt how to teach to the required standard to pass the test
  • She goes the extra mile to help you and is always available to talk to, message and support you
  • I know myself and the other PDIs she is training really appreciate and find this very useful
  • Spot On Driving has a secret FB page for training which is great for asking questions to the other PDIs
  • I’ve had really good training and I am looking forward to working as a Spot On Driving instructor
Eddie Winterburn
May 10, 2019

I felt very confident when going into my part 2 practical test due to the guidance and preparation created by Spot On Instructor Training. All areas were covered and practiced well in advance, I feel this gave me complete confidence in myself to take the test without doubting myself. Spot On went out their way to ensure I was up the task of passing this exam first time round which has allowed me to move onto my part 3 swiftly.I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to train to be an instructor to use Spot On.

Alex Winterburn
May 9, 2019

Ann-Marie was recommended to me and I am so glad she was! She is very good at explaining things and made the lessons fun as well as instructive. The feedback was invaluable, as I knew what I had to practice and what the next lesson plan was going to be. She is very organised and fitted the lessons around my other commitments to suit me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.

Lucia Hannam
June 19, 2018

It was important to me that I went with a school that had a really good reputation and that I’d heard good feedback from. Ann-Marie taught my sister and many of my friends to drive and they all had positive things to say. Learning was challenging but fun. I enjoyed all of my lessons. Ann-Marie’s teaching methods suited my style of learning. I passed my test first time and I am confident that was possible with the help with the instruction I received. I would definitely recommend Spot On Driving.

Jordan Sharp
June 19, 2018

I found that learning wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. The Spot On Driving methods were great. They were easy to understand, and clear and helpful feedback was given. I would recommend Spot On Driving because my instructor was lovely.

Chris Calcott
June 19, 2018

The Spot On Instructor Training teaching methods were really helpful. I found the explanations were easy to understand and great for helping me to deal with complex situations. I would recommend Spot On Driving to others because Ann-Marie made skills simple to understand and stress free.

Angus Cameron
June 19, 2018

When looking for a driving instructor it was important to me to find someone who was local, approachable and with a good reputation, so when I found Ann-Marie I knew she was just who I had been looking for. Ann-Marie has been fantastic, she is really friendly, very professional and so patient she makes learning to drive a fun experience and I always look forward to my next lesson. Ann-Marie's e-learning and videos are a great tool to prepare for lessons and to recap previous lessons. Ann-Marie gave me all the support I needed to pass my theory first time. With fantastic guidance and lessons from Ann-Marie I have now passed my Part2 advanced driving test and continue to look forward to each lesson I have with her.

Candice Hardcastle
June 15, 2018

Thanks to sound advice from Ann-Marie at Spot-On . I passed this test with flying colours. In particular, the briefings givin for the Hazard Perception were particularly pertinent being, as I am, a driver with many years of experience. In common with many drivers of such experience I tended to spot a ‘developing hazard’ too early. Following the advice given I was able to just wait that little longer before clicking the mouse button.

(ADI Part 1 November 2017)

Colin Smith
June 14, 2018

The support and training for my Part 2 was excellent. Passed first time. Big thank you to my trainer.

June 14, 2018

I passed my Part 1 in November 2018. I’ve had a great experience with Spot On Instructor Training so far. I got lots of support for the Part 1, the Manual helped me understand the theory and Theory Test Pro helped me to prepare for the exam. I’ve had advice on preparing for Part 2 already and a couple of sessions relating to the Part 3 Training.

June 11, 2018

Ann-Marie’s teaching methods were professional, reassuring and thorough. I would recommend Spot On Driving because I had a very positive experience.

Agnes Rutter
March 14, 2018

Ann-Marie’s teaching methods were brilliant, they were clear to follow and to remember. I'd definitely recommend Spot On Driving because I feel that I've been taught well.

Laura Williamson
March 14, 2018

Ann-Marie's teaching methods were extremely useful and effective. I was impressed with the resources available to me through Spot On Driving. I would recommend Spot On Driving to others because the instructors are very qualified, provide a lot of learning resources and are friendly.

Robyn Guy
March 14, 2018

I would recommend Spot On Driving to others because Ann-Marie was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Joe Donn
March 14, 2018


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