There is a minefield of information & training providers!
 The first question you need answered is “is this career for me?”

Most providers (especially the big national schools) will take your money, then allocate a trainer, before you have spoken to anyone (other than the tele sales person). Then tend to take large upfront payments, with lots the clauses, which prevent you from stopping, without any financial loss.

Look for a small local trainer, they will (should), meet you, explain the process, including the pass rates, time commitment etc, answer any questions you may have, not from a script (as the big schools use), but from their own experiences/knowledge.
If you want, they may offer you the chance to observe a lesson to get an idea of what it is like.

Shop around, ask questions, both about the training and possibilities for working with their brand once qualified.

Ask what training material will be used, what books are recommended, who buys them, if you can sit in and observe lessons.

One of the reasons for the poor pass rate with trainee driving instructors, is, many who start, should not be following this path for a career, but nobody tells them what is involved and looks to see if the candidate is suitable.

You will find a better kind of service with ADIT.

Keith Gambles – Woking Driving School

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