The Association of Driving Instructor Trainers (ADIT) is looking to “raise the bar” in its efforts to improve instructor training in the UK. DVSA have aligned the ADI part three qualifying exam with the ADI Standards Check, are making the driving test more fit-for-purpose and are about to give the ORDIT register a much – needed “face lift”. DVSA is doing its bit to streamline qualification processes, raise awareness and promote road safety. The driver training industry (our side of the fence) needs to do its part now.

ADIT members want to see an end to shoddy practices, dishonesty and impropriety in business dealings. ADIT members will be clear and open with prospective ADIs both when promoting their services and when training them.

The instructor training industry has received bad press over the years mainly due to some national (and smaller) companies caring little about the success or otherwise of their trainee instructors and drivers.

This lack of integrity has damaged the industry. Many driving instructors qualified despite the training they received, not because of it. This left a bitter taste and created distrust and antagonism. Where do you go for quality training? Who do you turn to for advice?

ADIT members have a reputation, in their local areas and in their areas of expertise, for providing fairness, value for money and the very best service they can provide for their customers.

If you choose to take training from one of the ADIT members or would like more information about their services, email or call the trainer, visit their website, or call ADIT directly and an experienced member of staff will help you with your enquiry.

All association members run and own some of the best and most successful independent driving schools in the country, offering competitive franchise packages. As an association, we offer you the highest quality training. Like-minded trainers have come together to shape the industry and provide the best possible training on an individual basis.

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